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Chennai Handicrafts

Firstly, Chennai has some spectacular handicraft shops. The aesthetics and designs of the handicrafts produced in the State of Tamil Nadu are fascinating. Further, bronze sculptures, brass figurines, carved wooden panels and Tanjore paintings are some of the handicrafts produced in or near Chennai. Hence, all these products are available in the Chennai Handicrafts shops.

Bronze Statues

Bronze is an alloy of copper & tin. Further, Swamimalai near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu  is the most famous place in India where bronze is manufactured. Bronze is a heavy metal and is not brittle.It is due to this reason that bronze is used for statues. Deities of Hindu Gods  and goddesses are made with bronze.Some of the bronze figures can be up to 7 ” in height.

They certainly look majestic.


Likewise,Brass is an alloy made of copper & Zinc.Brass is a much lighter metal when compared to bronze. Typically, lamps and puja(prayer) articles are made with brass. Aarti plates, temple bells, small cups and oil lamps are made in brass. They are available in a variety of designs. It is easily the most popular and easily available artefact in Chennai. Every household will certainly  possess a pair of brass oil lamps.

Chennai Handicrafts-Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Paintings are made with gold leaf and semi precious stones.Furthermore, the original drawing is done on wooden planks.  In addition, the gold leaf paper and semiprecious stones are glued on it. They were originally made in Tanjore (Thanjavur).Hindu gods and goddesses are the typical subject matter for Tanjore paintings. Tanjore paintings  probably originated  due to the Maratha rule in the State.

Wood carvings

Chettinad in interior Tamil Nadu is well known for wooden carvings. Wooden panels adorn the doors in Chettinad homes. Further ,the carvings on the wooden panels are very distinct.

Mythological stories, flora and fauna are beautifully carved on the wood. These panels are then used to adorn the walls or the doorway. Even pillars supporting the homes are beautifully decorated.

Wooden panels with similar carvings are available the Chennai Handicraft stores.

Chennai Handicrafts shops

VTI and Poompuhar are the 2 top stores to buy handicrafts from Tamil Nadu. Most noteworty is the fact  that Chennai Handicraft shops, stock all the handicrafts made in Tamil Nadu as well as  Other stores stock handicrafts from Tamil Nadu as well as handicrafts from other Indian States.



Cottage Arts Emporium

Srushti, The Handicrafts Emporium


Central Cottage Industries

Cane & Bamboo

Giri Trading

Kalpa Druma

Rasi Silks


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Top 10 Handicraft Shops in Chennai
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