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Hidesign- Metropolitan Mall

Hi Design, which was founded by Dilip Kapur in 1978 creates and manufactures premium leather bags . They are Headquartered is in Pondicherry. They have an International presence and the bags are available in department stores, world wide . Hi Design typically stocks handbags, belts, sunglasses and shoes . Women’s handbags Firstly , Hi design has women’s handbags in brown, black, maroon and mustard in classic designs are on display. Handbags in plain leather and handbags with crocodile leather is available. Square and rectangle shaped bags are common. Emerald green,Deep tan and maroon bags are fashionable. Black with orange sides looks particularly fashionable . Clutches and cross body bags There is a section for clutches in green, black ,orange and a colour called Kalahari Tan The cross body bags in orange and mustard are utilatarean . Duffle Bags Hi design also stocks duffle bags and back packs . There are travel bags and brief case bags as well.The backpacks are in Tan colour and Red colour. Hi design shops are especially spacious . The display will never be overcrowded in the shop. Few items are on display making the selection compulsive and deliberate. The prices start for Rs3000/piece. The average price would be Rs 5000/piece. They have briefcases , cross body bags ,laptop bags duffle bags and wallets for men. To conclude ,Hi Design bags are made of original leather and the bags are real value for money when compared to other leather bags in the market
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Bag shop in Delhi: A handbag holds all the essential items a woman wants in its folds. For many women it is a functional necessity while for others, it is a fashionable accessory.

When you have the right jewellery and right shoes in your closet, you would like to have the perfect handbag to go with your outfit. A handbag reflects your personality.

Handbags are counted among the most functional accessories to hold our day-to-day items. Besides adding the finishing touch to our look, handbags and purses also protect our valuables from unpleasant weather and physical damages.

Looking to purchase one?  Before you look for a bag shop in Delhi, research this. Well, there are a great deal of options available in the market, both in terms of styles and prices.

Handbag glossary:

A  Hobo bag is a shaped like a crescent.

A Tote bag has thin straps and is rectangular in shape.

The frame bag has a metal frame on the top.

A messenger bag has cross shoulder straps.

A satchel bag also has cross shoulder straps and a flat bottom.

A bucket bag  has a draw string and was meant for champagne bottles

The clutch bag has no straps and is to be held by hand.

The shoulder bags, for instance, are big and good to carry all your bare essentials.

The sling bag is just perfect for travelling. Clutches, on the other hand, are meant for those dressy occasions. They are available in many shapes and sizes.

There are innumerable Bag Shops in Delhi.

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