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Camel Bone art

This highly skilled Awadhi-style art form is all about carving ornaments out of camel bones. The centuries-old Camel Bone Art demands proficiency in using miniature ‘tilli’ tools and painting techniques.

Decorative items such as lockets, bracelets, necklaces, and keychains are all made from camel bones and are carved by hand.

The art requires a great deal of concentration as the machines used are not only delicate but dangerous too. They pose health risks.They comprise grinders and shapers which are more sharp-edged than the sharpest knives.

The Making of Camel Bone Art

For this intricate art form, artisans collect bones from deceased camels (only after the flesh has decomposed). These are later cut into different sizes in a workshop in accordance with the project.

Post chemical treatment, bones of the legs and hips of a camel are generally used for this traditional handicraft. Following techniques are taken note of in the carving of bones:

# Sourcing of raw materials

# Preparatory process (cutting of bones and cleaning)

# Transferring of final design onto the particular bone.

# Turning and Carving with a file drill

# Smoothening of surface

# Finishing of the product

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