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Maang Tikka

What is Maang Tikka

It is a beautiful piece of jewellery worn in the middle of parting of the hair and is meant for adorning the forehead. An ornate chain  has a bejewelled pendant  that is placed on the forehead. There are  tiny dangling chains on either side .

The Maang Tikka  can be elaborate with precious and semi precious stones, Kundan stones and pearls. This kind of Maang Tikka is typically worn by North Indian Brides.  It is customary for tribal women and rural women in Rajasthan to  sport one everyday.  Their heads are  covered with a veil and the Mango Tikka is conspicuous  because it is a huge rock like pendant in silver and  sicks out of the veil.

The Maang Tikka  which is popular in the South is an elaborate one that is typically worn by Bharatnatyam and Kuchipidi  dancers. It is made of  rubies or kemp stones and appears in red colour. There are 2 pieces to the Mang Tikka. One is the centre piece with a pendant and 2 side pieces that cover the entire forehead .There is a 2nd piece with a design of the sun & the moon that is placed on either side of the centre parting in the head.

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