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Patola sarees

What are Patola sarees

Patola Saris are  double ikat woven saris, usually made from silk and hand woven ,in Patan, in Gujarat.  Double ikat means  there are identical patterns on both sides of the fabric. They are very expensive and were once worn only by the royalty and the aristocracy. The soft fabric is ikatted, not block-printed.  Its resist dyeing technique (traditional method of dyeing) and accurate weaving, results in identical patterns on both sides of the cloth.

The Patola weaving technique is passed on from one generation to the next.  Double Ikat means the warp and the weft threads are dyed separately before weaving and tied as per the required design.

It is believed that weavers from the States of Maharashtra travelled to the Patan district in Gujarat and started the Patola weaving industry somewhere in the 12th C. The weavers enjoyed a lot of patronage from the king.

Patola saris have rich colours and there is a lot of emphasis on the myriad patterns. Flora and fauna designs are greatly used in Patola sarees.

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Patola Sarees
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