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Jamdani Sarees

What are Tant Sarees, Jamdhani Sarees, and Dhakai sarees

The Tant is the one of the finest form of handloom products that West Bengal has gifted us. The Bengali sari is woven from cotton and is very famous for its lightness and transparency. Jamdani weaving is a rich intricate and traditional work on cotton or fine cotton (muslin) .Today, Jamdani saris are available in, muslin, cotton and tussar silk fabrics.

Dhaka in Bangladesh was one of the ancient textile weaving centres. Jamdani sarees are popularly known as Dhakai Jamdani.

The raw material is a fine muslin textile that is produced in Bangladesh. Jamdani is intricate weaving on the fine muslin. Jamdani is a handwoven technique. The weaving technique is originally from Bengal

Today, the weaving is done with cotton, gold or silver threads on the base fabric with the help of looms. The cotton or silk weft threads are intermingled with thicker coloured threads to incorporate the Jamdani embroidery. The final product is a richly embroidered fabric or sari.  Further, Jamdani fabrics are used for scarves and dresses.



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