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Thewa Jewellery

 What is Thewa Jewellery

This is a speciality in Rajasthan. Thin gold foils etched on coloured glass is Thewa Jewellery.

Thewa means “setting”  Tharna means to hammer the gold into thin foils .

 How is it done

Terrecota is ground and mixed with chemicals to form a thick paste (lac reisin  compound). This is spread on to a wooden base.    Gold is hammered into thin pieces and  Intricate motifs  of flowers and birds are drawn on the sheet . The thin gold foil is stuck to the wooden base by warming it slightly. It is called Thewa ki Patti.

Black paint is spread on it to highlight the design and the excess gold is peeled off.

Glass jewellery boxes, artefact and stunning jewellery is created with Thewa.

The pendants in maroon,red  and green colours are very popular. Typically, they are attached to beads made of the same colour .

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