Best shops for Gotta Pati Sarees and Lehengas in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Gotta Pati fabric

What is Gotta Pati

Gotta or Gotta Pati simply means gold or silver ribbons are attached by applique work to a base cloth.  The ribbons are flat and they are embroidered onto the fabric.

It is interesting to know that these ribbons are primarily procured from Lucknow. This work is however very popular in Rajasthan.

It is extensively used in bridal lehengas and bridal wear sarees and offers a very rich kind of finish to the fabric.

The work starts with tracing the design and spreading chalk powder over it. Small pieces of the zari ribbon is cut and placed in the appropriate places as per the design and hemmed on to the base cloth. It is typically done on satin, silk and georgette fabrics. Typically, geometric patterns are adopted for the Gota Pati work.

Inexpensive Gota would be copper ribbons coated with gold & silver.

As mentioned earlier, dresses with this kind of work are popular in Rajasthan. Bridal lehengas, simple ghagras, dupattas and sarees have extensive Gota pati work done on them.

Available at Jaipur:-Zari, Vasansi, Pratapsons and

Ratan Deep 

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