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Best Tops, Trousers and Skirts Shops in Jaipur: Dori in Jaipur is much...Read More

Best Tops, Trousers and Skirts Shops in Jaipur: Dori in Jaipur is much loved for its collection of western wear garments. What’s unique about their collection is the use of a bit of Rajasthani fabrics and prints to create the very stylish skirts, dresses, tops, tunics and shorts.

We particularly liked their stock of sequined skirts, evening gowns and jazzy tops with a lot of embroidery and crystal work. A few accessories like belts and bags are also available.

Jaipur Modern is where you can shop for stylish designer dresses and furnishings in premium cotton prints. There’s actually something beautiful about the fabrics stocked here as they are sourced directly from weavers in Rajasthan, besides West Bengal and Telangana.

There are tops, tunics, and jackets in light cottons in unusual prints. You can also shop here for beautiful stoles and scarves in pashmina, wool and silk. Serene Interiors add a great degree of charm to this Jaipur shop.

Maximiliano Modesti and Yash Agarwal are the founders of this store, which is housed in an antique residential bungalow close to the MI Road Shopping Market in Jaipur.

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