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Need something to add a little bit of zing to your life? Head straight to Chumbak. Just the colouful display in the shop will lift your mood.Located in the Kala Ghoda area in Mumbai that has most of Mumbai’s working force moving in and out, this quirky little shop has the coolest accessories for your home. Chumbak started in 2010 in Bangalore with an aim to provide interesting souvenirs to both Indians and travellers. Today, the store has evolved into a lifestyle brand with outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Jaipur and several pop-up stores across the country , all located in popular malls. About Chumbak’s products: The first thing that will catch your eye in the store is the bright colours and pieces of art – so much of it that you will wonder where to start – because everything looks so interesting! Clothing: While we love some of Chumbak’s designs and style, we would not call this the highlight of the store. The best pick would be the leggings which have interesting design Bags and other travel accessories: Try out their mini backpacks and wallets for their quirky design. They are quite a hit among the young crowd who want statement bags for college use . Our pick is the passport holder which comes with interesting text too. Range: INR 500+ Tote bags INR 900+ Watches and footwear: The collection of wrist watches and phone covers at Chumbak are a great gift option for young girls. The bohemian designs are absolutely eye catching. Range INR 1500 Decor: Chumbak is your ‘go to’ store for design if you want to add a little bit of an eclectic feel to your house. From yellow planters designed like birds to starry string lights to ice cream shaped wall hooks, you will find something that fits into every room in your house . Do not forget to check out the ornate lanterns. Range INR 1000+ Dining: Our pick in the dining section are the boho tumblers (INR 595 – 795 depending on size) and water bottles which are great to show off at your work desk. The cool coffee mugs cost INR 295 each. The salt and pepper shakers at INR 495 are too cute to give a miss. Gifting: While all of these categories work great for gifting, the beautifully designed crockery is something anyone would love to receive. Check out the platters that come for INR 695 up. Chumbak also has a good online presence. Check out their online store before you visit to know what you would like to pick. But also be prepared to fall in love with totally different things when you visit.
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Best Tops, Trousers and Skirts Shops in Mumbai: For those of you who are looking for the latest in western styles in Mumbai, we have a luxury brand covered for you. Juicy Couture, the glamorous lifestyle brand made iconic by Paris Hilton, is available at High Street Phoenix and Palladium Mall in Mumbai.

The high fashion garment store brings LA style to its range of denim shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, swimwear as well as accessories such as bags, wallets, jewelry and perfume.

With denim shorts costing Rs 6,000-8,000/piece, tops & shirts at Rs. 4,000-5,000/piece, and dresses & jumpsuits at Rs 16,000/piece, you will find Juicy Couture on the expensive side. However, you will love to make heads turn when you wear one of those trendy tops from this label to a casual get-together.

To put it in a global perspective, Juicy Couture Black Label is currently available in 225+ Juicy Couture stores as well as in select department stores in around 94 countries across the world. Western Wear is the preferred choice of apparel for many youngsters today.

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