What is Shop Khoj

Here is a one-stop shopping portal for India which will serve as an online guide for all your offline shopping needs!!

India has so much to offer in terms of variety and shopping experiences. No two cities are the same and no two markets in a city are similar. This site is not about online shopping. It is a portal devoted to shopping. It seeks to help tourists, visitors and residents zero in on the best markets and shops India has to offer across popular cities.

The mission at www.shopkhoj.com is to help men and women find shopping destinations within a city, an area, a product category or price range in the virtual world before they set out to do their shopping in the real world.

Surely, women interested in clothes, jewelry, accessories, handicrafts and furnishing? For starters that is what we are focusing on.

We have local women from five cities providing information on the best shops to visit in a particular area for specific products. The factual reviews of shops are based both on individual experience and popular perception. A google map with directions on how to get there is also included.

So go on…take a look at the shops on www.shopkhoj.com and then check them out on the streets. Do not forget to return here and leave your review through “CONTACT US SECTION.” Shopping is an art, let us preserve it.