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What is Ikkat

Ikkat or Ikat, is a dyeing technique that is  used to pattern fabrics. It is created by binding yarns with threads to create intricate designs.The yarn is then dyed  multiple times in the the required colours to get the desired pattern. The portions that are with tied with  threads will retain the original colour of the yarn. That creates the design in the yarn. When the dyeing is finished, the yarn  is left to dry. The finished yarn is called the ikkat fabric and it is blurry. The warp & the weft are combined in the loom to create an amazing Ikat fabric.

Batik and tie-dye are applied to the cloth whereas in Ikaat, the dyeing is done on the yarn and not the cloth.

That is the essential difference.

Available in Delhi at:- Translate, Lepakshi, Gurjari, Orissa Emporium

Shop in Chennai:- Rangachari Cloth Store,  Kalpa Druma 

Available in Bangalore:- Fab India, Salonee Silks & cotton 

Weaving Pochampally Ikat Saree –Weaving India’s Pochampally Sari

Double Ikkat

In warp  only the warp yarns are dyed and in weft only the weft yarns are dyed. Double Ikkat means the warp and the weft yarns are tied and dyed before being woven.

These fabrics are produced in Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia.

 Patola and Ikaat

In India it is extensively produced in Orissa (Pasupalli), Telengana, (also known as Pochampally) and Gujarat. It is known as Patola in Gujarat. Pasupally ikkat from Orissa incorporates check designs in its patterns.Patola is a similar dyeing technique that is  extensively used on silk fabrics in Gujarat.

Sarees,Kurtis & Stoles

Ikat designs are very popular in sarees. They are used in both in cotton and in silk sarees.

Dupatta in Ikaat designs appear elegant and colourful and can be paired with simple plain salwars and shirts. Stoles in these fabrics make for attractive pairing with jeans.In fact there are bags that are available with ikaat prints and designs. They look unique.



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