Indian Handicrafts

When  travelling to a new place, shopping  for souvenirs and handicrafts is very important. After all, we want to take  a little piece of the place  back home , so that we are reminded of our wonderful travel experience .India’s home accessories and handicrafts are really world class. The cultural and ethnic diversity of this country has produced the most stunning  handicraft pieces .  Handicrafts in wood, marble, brass, bronze and  papiermache are some wonderfully crafted pieces that you are likely  to find only in India.   The brass and bronze  sculptures  and prayer items are typically found in South India. Inlaid marble and wood tables are found in Rajasthan. Painted wooden chairs  & colourful bird hangings are popular in Gujarat. Many of the handicrafts are  symbolically associated with local deities  such as  Lord Ganesha. You will  also find the pride  of Indian  fauna such as  peacocks, elephants, tigers and horses finding their way into handicraft item deisgns.  Bamboo and coir products are sturdy and make a great addition to any home. Quilts from Jaipur and carpets from Kashmir add a royal look to any room. A true souvenir like a Madhubani painting or a  terracotta mukhas( MASKS)  would  make  your India travel experience memorable.   Take a look at the exhaustive list of handicrafts available in India.

Dilli Haat

Ernakulam, in Kerala produces some of the best Lacquer Ware.

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