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The above content comprises both original material as well material sourced from a range of internet sites.


Indian Handicrafts are unparalleled. Above all, the cultural and ethnic diversity of India has  helped to create some of  the most outstanding handicrafts. Further, each State in India has amazing & unique artisans and crafts.

Indian handicrafts in wood, marble, brass, bronze and papier-mache are marvellous. For instance, marble handicrafts in the States of Uttar Pradesh  & Rajasthan are popular. Marble is  abundantly available in these States.

Handicrafts from South

The brass and bronze sculptures and prayer items are typically found in South India. Many of the handicrafts are symbolically associated with local deities such as Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. Huge sculptures in bronze art  are made in the town of Swamimalai in South India. The soil  there is particularly suitable for sculptures. In addition, South India  is also popular for  brass lamps and brass prayer items.

Marble & Wooden Handicrafts from Rajasthan & UP

Further, the State of Rajasthan  & UP specialise in marble inlay work. The Taj Mahal is a standing example of marble work. You can buy table tops, coasters ,bowls & lamp shades with marble. In addition, both Rajasthan & Gujarat are popular for painted wooden furniture. In addition, colourfully painted wooden swings & colourful bird hangings in cloth are popular handicrafts. You will also find the pride of Indian fauna such as peacocks, elephants, tigers and horses  in the designs. Similarly, Rajasthan is also popular for  colourful cloth puppets.

Masks & bamboo- India crafts from the East

For instance, Bamboo and coir products are sturdy and beautiful. Assam is popular for bamboo crafts. In addition, terracotta mukhas (MASKS) would make your India travel experience memorable. For instance, masks are popular crafts in Assam.

West Bengal  & Bihar – Handicrafts

Similarly, the Bankura horses made of terracotta are well known in West Bengal. The state of Bihar has a remarkable tradition of Madhubani paintings.

It is something very unique & distinct to India .

 Carpets from Kashmir– Indian Handicrafts

Silk carpets from Kashmir add a royal look to any room. Kashmiri carpets are world renowned.

Take a look at the exhaustive list of  handicrafts available in India .There are wonderful  craft  pieces that you are likely to find only in India. It is a great experience to shop  for   souvenirs in this beautiful country.

Shopkhoj has a separate glossary for the vast Indian  handicrafts. Do go through the list to understand & appreciate the immense beauty of the crafts.

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