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Shopping in Jaipur is an amazing experience that can vastly differ from malls to markets. Find out best places to visit in Jaipur with our Jaipur Shopping Guide

We search the markets in Jaipur to bring to you the secrets no one told you yet.Find out which shops have the best QUALITY, which have the best PRICE, who BARGAINS, who has that FABRIC you’ve been looking all over for, where can you CUSTOM-DESIGN your wedding outfits….
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Blue Pottery making is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur . The name comes from the eye-catching blue(Indigo) dye used…

Shopping Tourism

The authentic shopping districts are in the heart of the city, surrounded by not just the grand Mughal domes or lovely British architecture but also flanked by…


The beautiful blue pottery is a traditional craft of Rajasthan and the name comes from the Indigo colour dye that is used to colour it…