Mangalagiri Sarees

Mangalagiri Sarees are simple cotton sarees.

They are very popular and ideal for the summer months. These sarees are manufactured in the town of Mangalagiri in Guntur, in the State of Andhra Pradesh. They are woven in 80s cotton (combed yarn) fine count and are densely woven, lending them a very elegant formal fall when draped.  The  Mangalagiri sarees are manufactured by pit looms with the interlacing of the warp & the weft. They are then dyed in the required colors.

Traditional mangalagiri-sarees  are very simple without any zari or ostentation. They come in plain colors.

Today, the contemporary  sarees come with checks in contrasting colours. Some have zari borders. They are known as the Nizam design borders. These are the grander varieties of sarees and can be worn for a party or for a wedding.

The town of Mangalagiri is  known for its beautiful Temples. Narasimha Temple is a very famous temple in this town.

Mangalagiri means auspicious hill in Sanskrit.

Available at Delhi:- Lepakshi

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