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Bhadohi Woven Basket

What is Basket weaving?

Basket weaving or basket making or basketery is the process of weaving fibrous or workable materials into baskets and two-or three dimensional artifacts.  In fact, skillful artisans involved in the making of baskets are called basket makers or basket weavers.

For example, basketry is made from materials like thread, pine straw, oak, willow, wisteria, stems, animal hair, vines, grasses and fine wooden splints. It provides a great employment opportunity.

Different communities across the world practice the art of basket weaving, employing a host of raw materials and miscellaneous techniques. Further, these baskets are used for religious ceremonies besides, being used for marketing of produce from farms.

This is how a typical basket looks like. Created from grass, the basket is woven into lovely patterns with the use of vivid colors. You may spot these baskets across an array of homes in India for storing chapatis, flour and various grains. What makes it usable is its notable air-tight storage especially the ones with the ‘Bhadohi’ weave.

Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Karnataka, and the North-East states are regions where this beautiful craft is mostly practised.

Bhadohi Woven Basket

Bhadohi, Allahabad, Gorakhpur and Behraich in Uttar Pradesh are the areas where baskets are made out of Moonj (a monsoon grass). This grass is harvested in winters. It is used for the purpose of basket weaving once it is completely dried out. Moreover, the grass becomes lighter in colour making it easy to take on other colours as well.

Skilled craftsmen use elementary tools and basic techniques to create exquisite work of ‘Moonj’ crafts. These eco-friendly baskets are traditionally created by the women folk in rural India.

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