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What is a Nose ring ?

A piece of jewellery worn on the nostril or the septum is a nose ring.

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Tribal women in Africa, Middle East and India wore a nose jewel. Women from affluent families in India wore a nose jewel that indicated their status in society. Paintings of Raja Ravi Varma from Travancore, portray women with a beautiful nose stud.

Nose piercings is fashionable today. Madonna, the pop singer started the trend of wearing nose studs.

Types of Nose Ring

Nose stud-A nose stud is worn on the left nostril. It has a single stone and has a screw behind to hold it in place. The diamond nose studs worn in South India has 4 large stones. Women wore the nose stud on both sides of the nostril. This was known as the Mookuthy.

In addition, they wore a nose drop on the septum. This was known as the Nathu.

Dance jewellery

The nose studs and the nathu are an essential part of the dancer’s jewellery. Bharatnatyam dancers and kuchupudi dancers wear the nose jewellery.

The Nose ring

Instead of the nose stud, the nose ring is popular in the North India. In the film Jodha Akbar, Aishwarya Rai wore a huge nose  jewel and so did Deepika Padukone in the film Padmavat. Sonam Kapoor who is popular actress sports various styles of nose jewellery. The nose rings comes with diamond stones, pearls, rubies and emeralds. Elaborate nose  jewellery are available today to enhance the bridal look.

They are available in several gold & jewellery shops and in imitation jewellery shops as well.


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