What is Kamarbandh & where is it worn?

Kamarbandh is a belly chain or waist chain that is worn around the waist.

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In South India, the kamarbandh is also known as Udiyanam. It is made of a 1inch thick band of gold that is clasped around the waist. It has adjustable clasps to suit various sizes. There is a pendant made of gold, diamond or precious stones that is placed at the centre of the gold band.

This ornament is worn by children and older women as well. It is an essential part of bridal jewellery.

Bharatnatyam dancers, Kuchupudi dancers and Kathak dancers traditionally wear the waist belt. This belt is either made of gold or is in other metals polished in gold colour. The Odissa dancers wear an elaborate belt made with 3 rows of silver beads.

The imitation version of the waist band is also available.


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