Skincare, hair care, deodorants, perfumes, make-up, toiletries, and oral cosmetics are all integral to the cosmetic market as product categories.  In addition, there is a growing awareness of beauty products among women of all ages today than ever before. Cosmetics in India are popular in metro cities as well as in smaller B towns in India.

Shops :

MAC, Channel, Sephora are some of the international brand names in India.

Available at Delhi:-Sephora, Chanel, MAC

Chennai shops :-MAC 

Available at Mumbai:-NYX

The booming Cosmetics Industry

According to a recent report, the cosmetics and cosmeceutical market in India is all set to register annual growth of 25% to reach the $20 billion mark by 2025. The global market stands at $274 billion.

The increased focus on personal grooming, changes in lifestyles in the modern era and enhanced purchasing power among women are key factors behind the boost in the cosmetics industry.

There could be a tremendous boom in the coming years in areas such as color cosmetics, make-up cosmetics and specialized skin care products.

Cosmetics in India

The United States boasts of the biggest cosmetic market in the world. The US cosmetics industry registered an estimated total revenue of 62.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. It is worth mentioning here that the Indian cosmetics industry is currently growing more than that of the US or Europe.

Exciting Launches of Beauty Products

There is an impressive list of innovative beauty products being launched of late. Popular brands such as Clinique, Pantene, Make up For Ever and Living Proof are setting new trends with the launch of smarter skin care products, phenomenal foundations, customized hair oil and so much more. This is certainly one of the popular cosmetic products . In addition,  the importance of daily skin care routine has made  one to reach out to cosmetics.

Talk about the basic everyday essentials, women are delighted than ever to see these products in upgraded avatars. For instance, a self-setting concealer that makes caking a thing of the past is one such item.

L’Oreal – The Top Beauty Manufacturer

In 2018, L’Oreal was ranked the top beauty manufacturer globally. It reported revenues of about 31.2 billion U.S. dollars. This explains the popularity of cosmetics worldwide. L’Oreal is certainly one of the most popular brands .

Cosmetics in India-Brands

In addition to international brands in India, Lakme has been an Indian brand for cosmetics for decades. Today, Lotus, Biotique and several other brands are active in this space .


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