Silver artefacts

Silver Artifacts

Silver Artifacts

Silver is a greyish-white metal blessed with a brilliant metallic radiance. Gifts made of silver have a perceived intrinsic value. Silver artifacts beautifully merge the aesthetic charm of traditions with impressive elegance. They are among the most popular gifts of any season.

Silver Artifacts are

Available at Delhi:-Dariba Kalan, Ravissant 

 Mumbai shop :-Silver House

Available at Kolkata:-Chamba Lama, Dakshinapan Shopping Centre

Bangalore shops :-Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium, Cinnamon

Available at Jaipur:-Antiquariat India 

Chennai shops :-Cottage Arts Emporium, The Museum Company

Available at Pondicherry:-Elegance, New Cottage Arts

Silver Artifacts in India

The Indian silverware gifting industry has molded itself to the new-age trends. It has come a long way from the mainstay options such as a silver thali or Lakshmi and Ganesha idols to the modern silver dinner sets and tea sets.

Modern designs and motifs are quite evident in the silverware gifting industry as well.

Gifts of Silver artifacts in India

Silver artefacts are typically used as wedding gifts, thank-you gifts, return gifts, baby shower gifts and so on. Silver has intrinsic value.

Interiors Accessories with Silver artifacts in  India

Silver articles include mirrors, statement clocks, wall art, candle stands, nut bowls, fruit bowls, trays, plates and lamps.

An engraved silver photo frame with Hindu deities makes for the perfect gift item for special occasions. It is easily available in several shops.

In South India, it is a tradition to gift large silver lamps, flower baskets, fruit bowls ,plates and cups as dowry to daughters.

Puja essentials in silver rare also available and widely appreciated. Traditional and old designs are popular even today.

Personal Accessories

Silver jewelry, tie pins, cufflinks, kurta buttons and brooches are also popular. They add glamour and elegance.


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