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What is Mangalsutra

Mangal (meaning auspicious) sutra meaning thread. Mangalsutra is an auspicious thread or a chain

The Mangal sutra is traditionally worn by married women. It is a sign of marriage.

In the western society, the ring on the left finger symbolizes marriage .In the Indian society, traditionally, the sindoor worn on the mang (centre parting in the forehead) and the Mangalsutra symbolise marriage.

It is the traditional mark of a married woman.  Each region has a typical design for the Mangal sutra. In Maharashtra & Karnataka, it is a chain with black and gold beads, with or without a pendant.

In South India it is a simple yellow thread with 2 small gold coins or pendants. This has however been replaced by a gold chain with 2 pendants.

Even in North India, the black beads are considered auspicious for this purpose.

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