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Home Décor in India

Firstly, there are an amazing number of items that can be categorized under home décor. They include photo frames, lamps, cushions, paintings, wall arts, wall mirrors, clocks, aroma oil diffusers, candles, wind chimes, trays & boxes, and vases & flowers. In addition,  other options include idols, art posters, collectible figurines, planters, showpieces and silver pieces. Home Decor in India has the unique distinction of being different in every Indian State.

Available at Delhi:-Marina Home, The Home of the Traveller, Mora Taara, The Wishing Chair,  Second Floor Studio, Ravissant, Casa Pop, OMA Store, Good Earth

Shops at Mumbai:-D’decor, Home Stop, Home Centre Oberoi MallRav Lifestyle, The Bombay Store

Available at Bangalore:-Address Home, Good Earth, Cinnamon, Ants

Shops in Chennai:-Home Centre, Cane & Bamboo, Good Earth

Available at Jaipur:-Shoppers Stop

Available at Pondicherrry:-Kasha Ki Aasha

Add new decorative touches to your house- Home Decor in India

Home decor items enhance personal aesthetics and experiences in a home. A thing of beauty is a joy forever said the poet Keats.

Home Decor in India: Common trends

A decade earlier, plastic flowers were a common item used to decorate homes. Today, the sheer range of imitation flowers available in the shops is amazing. Several shops import the imitation flowers from abroad. They look so real in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours that you are likely to mistake them for real flowers.

Candle stands in silver and glass are one of the most popular items. Terracotta pottery, can make the interiors of your home glow in earthy hues. If you are looking to fill your home with positivity and the tranquillity Amazon Green is here to bring the excitement with a calming touch to your interiors.

Wood panelling, brass, bronze and silver handicrafts also add an ethnic touch to homes. As a matter of fact ,these  items are very unique to India.

There are many antique items that are available in the shops too.

What the Numbers Say…about Home Decor in India

For instance, the consumption for home décor products has witnessed a global boom in the last two decades. According to a recent report, the home décor industry is likely to cross the Rs 50,000 crore-mark by the year 2023.

Additionally, Indian brands are well recognized for their ethnic handicrafts, textiles and products. That is the beauty of Home Decor in India

Indian chain store Fabindia and luxury retail brand Good Earth have specialized home decor stores in all the major Indian cities.


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