Bidri is a 600-year-old metal handicraft made  in Karnataka  India. The Bahmani Sultans  from Persia, ruled Bidri or Bidar,a region near Hyderabad, although it is present day Karnataka. They  are credited with the origins of this craft.

Available in Lepakshi ,Delhi.

Bidriiware is made from white brass which is an alloy of zinc & coper.

Firstly, a mould is made from the soil by mixing castor oil & resin. An alloy of 94% zinc & 6% copper is cast into the mould  & shaped into stunning forms. A Copper sulphate solution is used to coat the surface of the mould. This provides  a black coating to the surface . The desired designs are  then etched . They are further engraved  with chisels. Subsequently, a fine silver wire is hammered into the grooves.

The tracery is filled with sterling silver wire.The product is then smoothed to perfection.

Special soil from the town of Bidar is mixed with ammonium chloride  and is used on the surface. This is to oxidise the bidriware. The soil  in this region is rich in saltpetre.  This darkens the base metal while  it retains the radiance of the silver filigree.  Finally, a coat of lacquer is added to retain the lustre of the silver.

The inlaid silverware designs is what makes Bidriware a distinct craft in India. Bidriiware hookhas, cups, vases & decanters are popular.A huge bidriware hookah is on display in Louvre museum in France.



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