Miniature Paintings

Miniature Paintings

What are miniature paintings?

Miniature paintings are handmade paintings of very small size. They are widely loved for capturing intricate details by the use of delicate brushwork.

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Natural Sources and Materials

In addition, materials such as paper, palm leaves, wood, marble and cloth are used to accomplish this ancient work of art. These paintings are generally not made on a very large scale.

Natural sources such as vegetables, gold, indigo, silver as well as precious stones are utiliSed to make colours for these paintings.

Popular Themes

For instance, around 960 A.D. in India, miniature paintings were depicted through religious themes. Later, the rise of Mughal Empire brought the element of Persian style into miniature paintings. Further progress  came with the impact of European paintings in Mughal court. Finally, miniature paintings found patrons in the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan in  the 17th-18th century. As a matter of fact, they  characterised the royal lifestyle (tales of bravery) . In addition they depicted romance & mythology with Radha and Krishna.

In the 7th century AD, this art  flourished under the guardianship of the Palas of Bengal. Resonant with Ajanta murals, Pala art was made distinctive by the use of subdued colours.


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