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Top 20 Souvenirs & Where to Buy Them  

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India’s rich offerings of textiles/clothing, handicrafts & jewellery are unparalleled in the world. The breathtaking range of products on display are stunning & magnificent. Firstly, India  is a diverse country with 29 States each with its unique identity. As a matter of fact,  the history & culture of India has significantly shaped & contributed to this diversity. From the North to the South, East to West, Indian crafts & textiles are absolutely incredible. Handwoven textiles, hand made jewellery & handicrafts  are stunning in their originality, quality & presentation.Home grown textiles, tribal traditions,&  the weaver communities’ ingenuity have significantly contributed to the vast panorama of artistic creations. Hence, it is  certainly not surprising that tourists to India are always on the look out to buy interesting souvenirs to take back home.And whats more, the crafts & fabrics are affordable .

Kashmiri carpets,  silver jewellery, imitation jewellery,pashmina shawls, miniature paintings,marble inlay work , Ayurvedic products  and silk fabrics are some of the products they would typically buy. Finally, they certainly don’t want to be quoted a ‘tourist’ rate. Therefore, ShopKhoj has put together a list of  20  best souvenirs from India  and the best shops for these souvenirs in 7  Indian cities.

 Best 20 Souvenirs From India and where to buy them.

1. Pashmina Shawls

This  is the  world famous & most wonderful shawl  that you can buy in India. It comes from a special breed of Asian mountain goat that is found in the high altitudes in Kashmir & Leh. ‘Pashm’, is the name of the wool from this special breed of goat. Further, it is extremely soft and light. Pashmina shawls are available in a variety of colours and  some with delicate hand embroidery.However, cheap silk is  often mixed with wool and is passed off as Pashmina. In other words, one should buy Pashmina from an authentic shop. Further, there are, a host of good shops  that offer pure pashmina stoles and shawls. Take a look here,

pashmina Shawls

 Further it is available in  Delhi  at :       Shaw Brothers ,    Ahujasons Shawl Wale Pvt. Ltd, Wrap, 

Kashmir Government Arts Emporium,  Central Cottage Industries Emporium, H.P Emporium, ,

ChennaiThe Museum Company,  Cottage industries exposition   ,Cottage arts emporium.  

 Further ,it is available in Jaipur :Rajasthan Small Scale Industries  

 Pondicherry   Treasure,  New cottage Arts

2. Kashmiri Carpets

Similar to pashmina shawls from Kashmir, the Kashmiri carpets are a national treasure. They are handmade and hand-knotted in Kashmir.As a matter of fact, carpet weaving is a small scale industry in Kashmir. Further, the carpets  can be made from silk, wool or a combination of both. For instance ,the higher the knots/square inch in a carpet, the higher the price of the carpet. For instance, silk carpets with higher knots are prized possessions and are typically passed down from one generation to another. In other words, they are heirloom products. They are produced in stunning colours & designs. The silk is so soft that you will like to walk on  the carpet bare foot. Further, the carpets will display a variety of colours  & patterns if you were to look at it from opposite ends. That is how beautiful the Kashmiri Carpets look.

Souvenirs from India

Jaipur : Rajasthan Small cottage industries, Channi carpets and textiles pvt. Ltd., Jaipur boutique carpet

Valtino Textiles

Available at Delhi : NCE Oriental Rugs & Design shawls, Shaw Brothers,   Shiva Oriental Rugs
 Chennai : Best shops for Carpets in Chennai

Kolkata:  Kashmir Gift House

Pondicherry:  Treasure,  New Cottage Arts
Price Range – 6’ by 4’ silk on silk carpet will cost around Rs. 2,00,000.

3. Blue Pottery 

The blue pottery is originally to be found in Turkey. The blue mosque in Istanbul is a shining example of this form of craft. In other words ,the Mongol and Chinese techniques of glazing tiles is the origin of blue pottery. The Mughals first introduced this craft in India when they ruled India. Further, the Indigo dye that is used, lends itself to the name. As a matter of fact,Persian motifs are used in making tiles, plates, cups as well as several other items. They are absolutely colourful, stunning & beautiful.

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi :Rajasthali
Jaipur : Neerja International, Rajasthali, Kripal Kumb

Kolkata :  Rajasthan Govt. Handicraft Emporioum

Price range – Small square tiles will cost around Rs. 300/piece.

4. Brass Handicrafts 

Brass is typically used in temples & in homes for religious purposes. Firstly, brass is an alloy that is widely used to make decorative articles especially in South India. In addition, they are light weight as compared to bronze. For instance, artists use brass to make traditional lamps and articles for religious purposes. In other words, they are typically used for everyday items. Further, it will cost you Rs 400 for a small handicraft piece such as lamps with peacock, elephant or other bird deisgns.

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi :  Kairali Kerala state Handicrafts, Poompuhar Tamilnadu State Govt., Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Gangotri
Chennai: VTI, Giri Trading,  The Museum Company Srushti the handicrafts emporium
Bangalore:Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Available at Pondicherry:New cottage Arts, Geethanjali

5. Juttis (Jootis) and Mojaris 

This flat soled colourful footwear has taken the world by storm and is a fashion accessory. Even Melania Trump sported them.

Juttis are closed footwear made from camel leather. For instance, they are originally made of leather and widely used in the deserts of Rajasthan. Today, they are available in a variety of colours and designs. In fact, they are made in stunning colours with a lot of stone work & embroidery too. They are simple and uncomplicated footwear. In other words, young women pair juttis with jeans, salwars and other fashionable dresses. Hence, they are considered fashionable footwear today.


Available at Delhi :Fab India, Ramayana Retail, Rajasthali
Jaipur :Tourist shoes, FabIndia, Bapu bazar, Johri bazar
Chennai : Fabindia

Available at Pondicherry :Via Pondicherry

Price range – Rs. 800 –Rs. 1000/pair

6. Bronze Handicrafts

Sculptures are made of bronze. Assyria, the ancient Greek kingdom and India were the two countries  in the world, where bronze was widely used to make sculptures. In addition, during the Chola period in India (9TH-13TH C), the statues and idols were made according to the shilpa shastras (codified standards for arts & crafts) in India. Above all, the making of bronze sculpture survives to this day in India. It is in a place called Swamimalai near Kumbakonam in the State of Tamil Nadu. Paintings and sculptures are popular in India. Therefore, several people  from abroad are keen to have a sculpture of gods & goddesses such as Shiva, Parvathy, Lakshmi or the dancing Natraja. They are ever so popular. The aesthetics of the craft is supremely elevating. One can admire the beauty of the  figures everyday.

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi :Poompuhar Tamilnadu State Govt, Central Cottage Industries Emporium
Chennai: VTI, The Museum Company, Srushti the handicrafts emporium
Available at Bangalore: Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Huge bronze statue (2’ in height)– Price Rs. 1.8 Lakhs

7. Dhurries

Dhurries are cotton floor coverings widely used in India. In addition, to being utilitarian they add colour & aesthetics to the surroundings. Ikea and other well-known home decor companies source dhurries from India. Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan & Karnataka in South India have large scale dhurrie making centers.

TOP 9 Exquisite Carpets From India

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi : Dilli Haat, Shiva Oriental Rugs, Fabindia, Central Cottage Industries
Chennai : The Museum Company Cottage industries exposition Ltd, Cottage Arts Emporium
Jaipur :-Rajasthan Small Scale, Saurashtra Impex
Price range – 5’by 3’ durrie will cost approx Rs. 6000-Rs. 8000/piece

Also Read – Best Carpets from India 

8. Jaipuri Quilts

Similarly, the light weight, fluffy and incredibly soft cotton quilts from Jaipur are also known as razais or dohars. Cosy is the perfect way to describe these quilts.They are available in pastel colours in block prints. Block prints in yellow, blue, pink & green on a white base are so comforting .These are some of the best souvenirs from India. They can be machine washed and can be used all round the year.

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi :Rajasthali, Anokhi,Good Earth

Jaipur :- Ocean Collection, soma , Ratan Textiles, Saurashtra impex, M. K textiles

Kolkata: Rajasthan Govt. Handicraft Emporioum

 Bangalore: Anokhi, Fabindia, Hometown, Goodearth

Chennai: Anokhi,Kilol and Rui

Price range –Rs. 2000/ Rs. 4000 for a pair.

9. Kutch Embroidery

Kutch embroidery presents a colourful & vibrant tapestry. This type of embroidery is  from Kutch region in Gujarat in western India. Colourful threads are used in the canvas with small mirror /glass pieces. The patchwork of several embroidered pieces makes for a beautiful wall hanging or a bed cover. Price range – Rs. 10000 for a 5’3′ well embroidered wall hanging

Kutch Embroidery

Available at Delhi:Gurjari
Janpath Street Shopping

Jaipur: Rajasthali
Saurashtra Impex

10. Lac Bangles

The colourful lac bangles are typically made in Rajasthan, Gujarat & Hyderabad in  South India.Women adorn these bangles during weddings & religious ceremonies. However, today it is a fashionable accessory. The bangles are attractive due to the attractive colours and glass work. Stones and thread work are added by way of embellishments. They would cost Rs500.2 pairs of bangles.

Souvenirs from India

Price range – Rs. 500 for a dozen bangles

Available at Delhi : Hanuman Mandir – Bangle Market, Rajasthali, Dilli Haat, Jewelry Lane Street Shopping

Jaipur:Bapu Bazar, Johari Bazar,Manohar Fancy Churriwala in Bapu Bazar

Available at Bangalore: Yuvathi

11. Madhubani Paintings-Souvenirs from India

The Madhubani paintings are done in Mithila in Bihar. For instance, artists reproduce scenes from Indian mythology in canvas in these paintings. Further, these paintings were originally done on the floor of the house and on mud walls. However ,today, it is done on canvas, cloth as well as on paper. Rice paste and natural dyes are used in these paintings . Traditionally, the paintings were  done with fingers or twigs.However, brushes are used today. The Madhubani painting have a distinct style. Further, there is a lot of emphasis on the eyes  in these paintings . They are big . Further, there is no empty space in the canvas. That is what sets it apart form other paintings. This piece of art is certainly worth a buy. A small paiting 2″ by 2 ” would cost Rs2000/piece.

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi:Dilli Haat
Bihar Emporioum, Central Cottage Industries, Kamala

12. Marble Inlay– Souvenirs from India

Coloured stones are inlaid on a  white marble base to create amazing patterns & designs. For instance, The magnificent Taj Mahal is the most prominent example of this form of Indian handicraft. For example, table tops, tiles and plates are some of the items on which marble inlay work  is done. The State of Rajasthan and Agra in the State of  Uttar Pradesh are the main centers for this kind of inlay work.

Souvenirs from India

Price range – Rs. 1000/set of plates.

 Further, it is available at Delhi: Rajasthali
Central Cottage Industries Emporium

Gangotri, Moh


13. Miniature Paintings

Miniature paintings are hand made paintings depicting scenes from the Mughal era, or of Indian royalty.  You can typically find a painting of Lord Krishna playing holi with the gopis (women). In another example, there could be the Mughal emperor Akbar in his court. In fact, some of the miniature paintings take inspiration from the rock paintings from the Bhimbetka rock shelters and the Ajanta Caves. However, they were later influenced by Mughal miniatures.

For example, they are small in size. Hence they are known as miniature paintings. Further,they are done on canvas or on paper.

Above all ,the palas( of Bengal were the pioneers in this art. In addition, currently, Rajashtan State is where the art is taught in places such as Kishangarh, Bundi, Jaipur, Marwar & Mewar. Hence, there are multiple schools for the paintings.

Souvenirs from India

Price range – Rs. 1000 for a 1 by 1 painting.

Available at Delhi:Gurjari,  Rajasthali

Poonam Backliwal
Mehra Bros

Available at Jaipur:Dev Arts Jewels

14. Puppets– Souvenirs from India

Above all, folk tales and stories with puppets form the backdrop at village fairs and festivals in Rajasthan. Further, puppets were used as props in story telling in several countries around the world. The film Sound of Music, beautifully demonstrated the used of puppets in story telling . Puppets are definitely one of the oldest form of entertainment. They are nearly 1000 years old. Puppets were used to  narrate historical stories. Kath means wood and putli means doll. Kathputli means puppets in Hindi.. The dolls are colourfully dressed in Rajasthani costumes. Price Range – Rs. 500 for a pair

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi : Dilli Haat

Available at Jaipur :Bapu Bazar
Johari Bazar

15. Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is fashionable & is trending today.  For example, every young girl would be wearing rings, earrings, bangles made of silver.It is less expensive than precious jewellery. Firstly, there is an astonishing variety of popular  silver jewellery in India. In other words, Jaipur is certainly one of the best places for silver jewellery in India. For example ,nose rings, bangles, as well as chains and  bracelets are among the popular silver items to shop in India.

Souvenirs from India

 For example, it is available in Delhi  at Silofer, Arts KArat,, Dilli haat, Celestial, Dariba Kalan

 Chennai GRT  ,Kirtilals Jewellery

 Further, it is available at Jaipur :Johari Bazar, Dev Arts Jewels, Satguru Exports, Bhandari Jeweller, Silver Mountain, Kuber Tholia, 

Price range – wide range

16. Hanging Birds

They are basically small stuffed toys made of fabric ,mirror work. & colourful threads. Above all, the  attractive colours on the birds are amazing. These toys will certainly add a sense of colour & would brighten any room.

Souvenirs from India

Available at Delhi: Dilli haat, Gurjari

Price range –Rs. 500 for a string of birds

17. Ayurvedic Personal Products

Ayurveda, has become increasingly popular in the world. They are organic beauty products. Both Ayurveda & Yoga are native to India.  For instance ,the emphasis is on holistic and natural health & wellness in both Ayurveda and Yoga. For example, Ayurvedic products do not contain chemicals as they are made from natural herbs.Coconut oil, honey, wheat germ, papaya, sandal wood and sea kelp are some of the ingredients used to make Ayurvedic products. Therefore, Ayurvedic skin products such as cleansers, moisturizers, skin softening creams, massage oils and hair vitalizers are very popular today. These are some of the best souvenirs from India.

Ayurveda Beauty 

Souvenirs from India

Shanaz Hussain, Kama Ayurveda,Biotique Forest Essentials
Forest Essentials

18. Sandal Wood

Sandalwood figurines are beautifully carved & smell divine. Typically, deities of Hindu gods & goddesses or animals are carved in sandalwood.Firstly, it is said to be the second most expensive wood in the world, after African black wood. For instance, sandalwood paste is prepared by grinding the sandalwood on a wooden slab. As a matter of fact, it is integral to Hindu rituals and ceremonies.Every priest in South India adorns sandalwood paste.

Typically, in temples in south India, the paste is distributed to devotees, who apply it to their foreheads or the neck area and chest. In addition, it is known for its cooling & calming influence on the worshipper. For instance, both sandalwood and the sandalwood oil extracted from the tree & have a distinct fragrance. Figurines made of sandalwood are very expensive. Above all ,sandalwood figurines are absolutely beautiful and they are carved with care & precision.

It would cost Rs20000 for a small piece of sandalwood figure.

Souvenirs from India

Available at DelhiPoompuhar

 Chennai :Cottage Industries Exposition

 Further, it is available at Bangalore :Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

19. Tea

India is the 2nd largest producer of tea in the world. Darjeeling & Assam teas are quite popular all over the world. As a matter of fact,  it was the British East India Company  who was instrumental in the  large scale cultivation of tea in the North East. Further, they procured land from the local tribes, who owned the land in Assam. For example, The Assam Tea Company started commercial production around 1840.  Hence, it is nearly 2 centuries of tea making in India.Tea,is also grown in hill stations in South India as well.

Souvenirs from India

 Further, it is available at Delhi Assam Emporium, Sancha Tea at Santushti Market, Sundar Nagar Market

20. Spices And Masalas

Finally, there is a long list of spices that are native to India. Nutmeg,cloves, cinnamon star anise are some of the spices that are found in abundance in the State of Kerala.

Spices are undoubtedly an integral part of Indian cooking. India’s southwest coastal port known as Muziris, in Kerala, had established itself as a major spice trade centre from as early as 3000 BC. Kerala was the place traders and explorers wanted to reach, including Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, and others.  The port of Muziris disappeared, presumably because of a cataclysmic event, in 1341. However, the spice route and the spice trade in India were well established by then.

In other words, the readymade masalas made with these spices are popular in India. and abroad. Further, the Madras curry powder, the chikan tikka masala, the butterchiken masala and fish masalas certainly add a distinct flavor to food.

 In addition it is available at Delhi :-Dilli Haat,   Roopak Pvt. LtD,Price Range – Rs. 250 to Rs. 500 for ½ kg

In conclusion, if you are a visitor to India, be certain to pick up the beautiful souvenirs from India  the right shops. It will certainly be a source of joy.


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