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Top 5 Summer Dresses For Women

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Let us make the best of the summer months to dress up in stylish clothes and show some skin. We are all covered up in cardigans & coats in the winter months anyway.The palaver about the weather conditions is not going to help. And if you are not holidaying in the Swiss Alps, in Shimla or Mussoorie, the next best thing to do is to wear  stylish clothes in this summer, which is one of the worst in recent memory , with temperatures soaring over 50 degrees C(122 F) in parts of India. Summer also comes with intense heat  , stickiness, humidity and so on. However much you to try to remain active,there is a sense of lethargy & listlessness. We have all been advised to hydrate and apply sunscreen . The main idea is to stay &feel dry & comfortable, no matter the temperature .Lets take a look at summer dresses for women.

Let us give you some tips on Summer Dresses for women

Fabric choices – As a matter of fact, this is the most important thing .  In other words, whatever type of dressing you choose, make sure it is made of linen, cotton, bamboo, rayon or natural silk. These fabrics allow the air to circulate more freely and will not trap the moisture near your skin. Indeed, they will help to release the trapped heat.For instance, bamboo has anti fungal & anti bacterial properties .Wearing fabrics such as polyester,nylon, acrlylic, spandex or lycra is a big no no. They trap the heat in the skin & you can start to feel sticky soon. Further, the perspiration  marks show up in the underarm area & the back.

Secondly, the clothes should be loose fitting clothes more than form fitting. This helps us to stay more comfortable & relaxed & breathe easy. Pick up loose fitting garments such as salwar suits, sarees, skirts,dresses and shorts . In India we are spoilt for choice with several online stores offering all this & more.

Salwar suits in cotton are the most ideal summer wear. They help you to stay covered so as  to avoid the scorching sun & yet stay cool & comfortable. You can even use the dupatta to cover your head if you are under the direct sun.

Sarees If you pick up a light weight cotton saree or a Kota saree, you will notice that they are nearly weightless.You can pair them with a sleeveless blouse or a light organza blouse too. Sarees are graceful at anytime.They will not be tight around the thighs. Hence you are not likely to sweat.

light weight silk saree

Mustard Cotton Silk Blend Hand Block Printed Sari

Summer Dresses for Women

Jaipuri Sanganeri Mulmul Saree

Organza Saree

Printed organza sarees

Skirts- Everyone enjoys wearing skirts.While youngsters would prefer to wear shorter skirts, the longer skirts  would also look appropriate as both formal & informal wear.A short denim skirt with an islet white top could be ideal evening wear.

Summer Dresses for Women

Dresses- The colourful one piece dresses are the most fashionable piece of garment today.The dresses can be loose fitting , baggy  or more form fitting, short and classy. As mentioned above, the choice of the fabric is important. Dresses in cotton from Anokhi, Fab India,Cottons etc, are very comfortable and have beautiful summer prints . Carry them with you wherever you travel in summer.

Summer Dresses for Women

Printed Long Dress

Summer Dresses for Women

Printed Summer Maxi Dress

Breezy Short Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses for Women

Summer Dresses for Women

Coordinated  shorts & baggy shirts are the other top combination in the summer. The linen shorts /shirts coordinated in a range of colours look absolutely cool & comfortable for summer.  Alternately, you can opt for a ruffle sleeves top with the shorts.

floral shorts

As a general rule

  1. Choose the fabric well
  2. Choose lighter coloured clothes
  3. Choose bright summer colours & prints
  4. White tops with inlets,frayed sleevs or ruffled sleeves work well with denim skirts or linen pants
  5. Carry a denim sleeveless jacket for air travel or to movie halls -where the air conditioning could be much cooler than what you expect.

All the summer dresses are available at Fab India, Anokhi, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Amazon and so on.

Enjoy the summer with cool cotton summer dresses & do not forget to relish the mangoes.That is definitely one of the most delicious memories of summer.


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