wallnut wood carving

Walnut Wood Carving

Walnut Wood Carving -In Kashmir

Firstly, this is one art form which has a fascinating visual appeal  using just plain polished surfaces. Walnut wood carving is unique to the region of Kashmir as walnut trees or ‘Doon Kuls’ are found only in this part of the country.

Available at Delhi:- Kashmir Government Arts Emporium

Available at Kolkata:- Kashmir Gift House

For instance, for the purpose of carving, the raw material  is obtained from the root, trunk or branches of the tree. As the root is quite dark, this part of the wood is the most expensive one. Further, it is not only considered strong but also best for wood carving.

 Walnut Wood Carving Styles

Above all, there are few styles of walnut wood carving which are quite well-known in Kashmir.

Undercut (Khokerdar): This type of carving has multi-layers and is helpful in 3-D depiction of various scenes.

Open or Lattice work (Jalidahr): It works in screens and makes use of beautiful see-through Jali work.

Deep carving (Vaboraveth): Also popular as raised work, this type of carving displays dragons or lotus motifs.

Semi carving (Padri): Here, thin panels are elegantly depicted along the rim of the surface.

Shallow carving (Sadikaam): In this, artisans focus on the scenes by chasing along the lines in pencil to lend them depth.

Cabinets and desks made of walnut wood are very popular in Kashmir.


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