Kada-Thick Bangle -Gold Bangle- Diamond Kada- Traditional ornament


 What is a Kada?

Kada simply means bangles or ornaments worn on the wrist.

Sikhs wear an iron bracelet known as the Kara. It is a symbol of commitment to God according to the Sikh faith.

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 Gold Kada

Gold Kada is a thick solid bangle, generally sold in pairs. They can be very simple or embellished with designs or stones.

Thin gold bangles are generally not referred to as Kadas. It is the thick gold bracelet or bangle that is referred to as the Kada.

Gold bangles are an essential part of the jewellery collection of Indian women. Married women wear gold bangles. It is a symbol of marriage, similar to the Mangal sutra or sindoor.

The thickness, the weight and the designs on the Kada vary from region to region. In South India, the bangles are traditionally about a quarter inch in thickness whereas in North India they could be as thick as 1 inch.

Banglas in Kolkata traditionally have a lot of filigree work on them as the goldsmiths are accomplished with filigree work.

Embossing work is done on bangles made in North India. Chains, beads and small bells are added to make the bangle interesting. At times, rubies, emeralds or coloured glass or metal pieces are added to the bangle.