Lac Bangles

Lac Bangles

What are Lac Bangles?

Lac is a reisin that is collected from the cocoon of insects. Bangles made out of these are lac bangles. Lac was also used as a seal to close heavy envelopes.

Available at Jaipur:-Johari bazar, Bapu Bazar,

Available at Delhi:-Dilli Haat, Hanuman Mandir, Rajasthali 

Lajpat Nagar ,Jewellery lane

How is it produced?

Insect Laccifer lacca are grown and fed on identified species of trees. The resin that is secreted by these insects are carefully collected and coagulated to form a pulp. This is the basic raw material for the lac bangles. The resin is mixed with soapstone powder to obtain the desired consistency.

Lac is mixed with basic organic colours. It is made into a semi solid paste and then rolled and hammered to the required thickness. It is placed on an existing bangle’s inner frame to shape the new bangle and on a wooden rod to fix the size. The wooden rod is used to measure the exact sizes.

They are then heated over hot coal to be solidified. Beads, bells, crystal and glasses are then placed on the hot lac bangle and it is further warmed over hot coal.

In Rajasthan, it is considered auspicious for married women to wear Lac Bangles.

Maniharon ka Rasta is Jaipur is one of the famous places where these bangles are made.


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