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Batik Print is a process of making designs on a fabric using a wax technique. Parts of the cloth are covered with wax and then the cloth is dyed. It is known as a resist process. This will prevent the penetration of the dye to areas which are covered by wax. Hence, some parts retain the base colour of the cloth, which could be white and the rest of the fabric is dyed in a different colour as per the design.

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Available at Chennai:- Kalpadruma

How are Batik Prints distinct

At times, the wax cracks in certain parts or areas of the cloth, thus allowing the dye to seep through. This brings a unique design. The process of dyeing is undertaken several times to introduce distinct design to the cloth. It can be done on cotton and silk fabrics.

This type of printing is practiced in India Middle East Central Asia & Africa. Malaysia & Indonesia are 2 countries where the Batik print is very popular. They have printedย and handmade Batik as well.

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