Cotton Silk Saree

Cotton Silk Sarees

Cotton silk saree is a combination of two widely used fabrics – Cotton and Silk. Belonging to no single tradition, this hybrid fabric has been widely used in making  salwar suits, dupattas and sarees. It has the sheen of silk and hence looks dressy. It is definitely cheaper than silk and hence more popular.

Best shops  are to buy this type of saree is :

Available at Chennai:- Palam Silks, Pothys and Tulsi Silks

Shops in  Bangalore:- Janardhana Silk House

Available at Delhi:- Nalli , Raw Silk Emporioum

Price of Cotton Silk Sarees

People started to experiment with 2 varieties to keep the cost minimum and not lose the sheen of the fabric. Thus was born cotton silk. If one were to take a look at the sarees, one would be hard pressed to distinguish this with a pure silk saree.

However, it is much lighter than a pure silk saree and it is much cheaper. Women hence prefer a silk cotton saree unless the occasion demands a heavy silk saree. They come in bright colours with attractive borders.

This fabric is also used in salwar suits.

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