Pochampally sarees

Pochampally sarees

What are Pochampally sarees

Pochampally sarees are crafted in a small town called Pochampally near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. There are about 5000 handloom weavers in Pochampally who create sarees in traditional Ikat method. When you visit Pochampally village, you can see how the fabrics are dyed into the various colours and then woven.

Available at Delhi:- Kalpana Sarees , Nalli Silks , Lepakshi, Utkalika 

Available at Bangalore:- Angadi Silks

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Pochampally silk sarees are particularly very colourful and striking. The warp and weft yarns are dyed in various colours according to the design and then crafted in a loom. The loom is operated by a single person.

It would take at least 10 day to weave a beautiful Pochampally saree.

With the intervention of the State Government, several Cooperative Societies have taken it upon themselves to market the sarees. Hence, there are more efforts to create new varieties of fabrics and sarees.

Pochampally dupatta and salwar suits are also available.

These sarees are woven by hand in cotton and silk fabric. Pochampally Ikats can be differentiated from Orissa Ikaat by their feel. The cloth is smoother than the thicker Orissa  saree. Further, the  fabric is lighter and not quite as heavy.


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