Gadwal Sarees

Gadwal sarees are expensive sarees made with super fine cotton. They have a silk border and a silk pallu that is attached to the cotton body of the saree. That is what differentiates a Gadwal saree from other cotton sarees. The Gadwal saree has check patterns on the body.

Available at Delhi:- Andhra Pradesh Emporioum , Kalpana Sarees 

 Shops in Kolkata:- Ghanshyams

Available at Chennai:- Kalpa Durma, Nalli Silk Sarees, Tulsi silks, Sundari Silks

Available at Bangalore:- Angadi Silks, Sudarshan Family Store, Ladies Wear House, Fabindia

Gadwal Saree – Distinct Features

The borders and the pallu are in contrasting colours. For example a light grey cotton  saree will have a deep red colour border or a light brown saree will have a dark black or dark green colour border.

There is a lot of zari work on the border. The zari work is mostly done in pure gold zari. Hence the  sarees are very expensive.

Where is Gadwal

Gadwal is situated in the district of Mahabubnagar in Telangana. They have a unique style of weaving the saree. Thy received Royal patronage from the kings and queens of the region.


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