Paithani Sarees

Paithani Sarees

The Paithani sarees are woven in the Paithan region, near Aurangabad in Maharashtra.They are gorgeous silk sarees in bright colours with distinct patterns in the pallu. Royal patronage has contributed to keep the keep this saree tradition alive.

The sarees are characterised by the following:

  1. Bright colours in the body and contrasting colours in the pallu ( some of the colours are orange, blue, pink, green and magenta).
  2. Gold bhuttis or dots on the body of the saree.
  3. Geometrical designs  made with zari on the border.
  4. Intricate motifs with zari and coloured threads of peacocks, lotus or mangoes on the pallu.


Available at Delhi:- Nalli, Maharashtra emporium, Gujarat Emporium

Shops in Chennai:- Tulsi Silks, Nalli

Available at Bangalore:- Angadi Silks

More importantly, Paithani sarees are considered a family heirloom.Further, they have been produced for over that 2000 years.The original  Paithani sarees are woven by hand. As a matter of fact, it take 1-2 months to weave a Paithni saree and more than 6-9  months to make a brocade Paithani. It is an essential item in a brides trousseau.

Creating the Paithani Sarees

Vegetable dyes are used to colour the sarees. Moreover, very high quality of silk is used in the warp & the weft when weaving the saree. These sarees were worn by queens and princesses. Even today, it is included in the wedding trousseau of brides.For example, the mulberry silk for weaving the Paithani saree is sourced from Bangalore and Mysore.The zari threads are sourced from Surat in Gujarat.

In other words, the original Paithnai sarees are so beautifully woven  and one cannot see any unfinished threads on  the back  side.  Further, the Government of Maharashtra has promoted the Paithani weaving technique by skilling weavers.

A typical  Paithani saree would cost Rs 12000-15000/saree approximately.


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