What is an Indian Saree

It is the national dress of India. It is a traditional unstitched rectangular garment. Women usually drape it as a pleated skirt together with a pallu (a continued throw over the shoulder). They wear it with a blouse and petticoat (long skirt). Typically, it is 5 to 9 yards in length and 4ft in width.

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What makes it one of the most loved traditional attires is the fact that women get the option to wear it in different styles to create a picture of flowing grace.It is interesting to note that the saree has survived centuries and continues to be a coveted garment. Moreover, it is extensively worn by the women of today. Women from all walks of life wear it. Farm labourers, domestic workers, housewives, office goers and the elite and sophisticated women, all love to wear this traditional attire.

The prices  start from Rs. 250 and go up to Rs. 1, 00,000/piece.Besides, the material, the work, the design and the manufacturer determine the price.

Vibrant Colours & Textures

India is a vast country with 29 states. Each State in India has a traditional style of draping  Further, each State is famous for a particular type of saree. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are famous for Kanjivaram silk sarees. Andhra Pradesh and Telegana are also famous for Venkatagiri, Mangalgiri and Gadwal sarees. West Bengal, on the other hand, is popular for the Jamdani Tant sarees. The Bandhej and Leheriya sarees are quite popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

If you find it difficult to drape it with the perfect pleating and pinning, readymade saris are also available in the markets for your perusal. Additionally, you may opt for pre-stitched ones  that are also easy to wear for special occasions.


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