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What is Imitation Jewelry?

Costume jewellery , also known as artificial jewelry or fashion jewelry or junk jewelry, is jewelry made with inexpensive metals and materials like stones, crystals, glass, shells, pearls, beads and corals.

Imitation jewelry manufactured in India has found takers as well as admirers across the world. It is more popular than “real” fine jewelry for its affordability, rich variety and unique mass appeal.

The manufacturing of imitation jewellery started as an endeavor to emulate expensive jewelry usually worn by the upper class. Skilled craftsmen make use of artificial stones and imitation gold to create appealing imitation jewellery.

Talking about metals, nickel (the traditional white metal), lead, copper, brass and cadmium are commonly used as they can be moulded to achieve different exquisite shapes easily.

Key Drivers of Market Growth

Value for Money: Due to the soaring diamond and gold prices, a lot of women prefer to buy the artificial jewellery as it is way more pocket friendly. It is also an impulse-buying product.

Attractive Designs: Be it college-going girls, working women or modern homemakers, they are definitely going to purchase it if the design appeals to them. The fact that they are available in a  range of  designs makes women easily create an extensive collection of imitation  jewellery  for all occasions.

Convenient to Carry: Young and fashionable women also love to embrace imitation jewelry as it is more convenient to carry than precious ones.

Safe to Wear: This is a type of jewelry that you need not store away in lockers. Moreover, with rapid increase in crime rates in our society, women feel more secure while wearing artificial jewelry.

One can buy,Polki imitation necklaces, bracelets, bali earrings, jhoomar, maang tikka,rings, bangles and long chains. In fact, they look so real that people prefer to buy imitation jewellery rather than rent real jewellery.

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