Saree blouses

Saree Blouse

Saree blouses are  short fitted top worn with the sarees or lehengas. It can be simple or embellished with embroidery, sequins or Swarovski Crystals. Sometimes, they are  made of a heavy fabric such as brocade or silk. Previously, the material for the blouse had to be always purchased and tailored. However, these days, the blouse fabric comes along with the saree or the lehengas. Even the Bridal Lehenga as the case may be. in fact, one has to cut the blouse piece form the saree and get it stitched.

Saree Blouses- Designs

Regional and Bollywood films set the trend. In addition, there are several shops where readymade blouses are available. Golden, silver and sequinned blouses are all available. For instance, one can easily match it with any saree or lehenga. Some of the best places for dressy blouses are Roshan Tailors  in Delhi.  Kay and Moksha in Chennai are also good  for blouses. Other shops are  Fab India, Amazon, Jaypore & Flipkart. As a matter of fact, smart blouses are available online. One does not have to shop in bazars for saree blouses anymore. There is plenty available online. It is especially useful for NRIs who are on the lookout.


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