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Jaipuri Quilts

What are Jaipuri Quilts?

Jaipur, the magnificent pink city of India, prides itself in a unique handmade comforter to keep you warm during winters. Jaipuri Quilts or Jaipuri Razai are best known for their softness, warmth and prints.

These beautiful quilts are available in three varieties, namely cotton, velvet and silk. The one made with velvet is the most expensive of all.


The history of Jaipuri Quilts goes back to nearly 280 years when the makers of cotton mattresses and quilts, called Mansuris, shifted their base from Amber to Jaipur. A young quilt maker called Kadar Bux is said to have gifted a cotton-made quilt (weighing only 250gms) to Maharaja Madho Singh ji. The Maharaja appreciated the gift so much so that he gave Kadar Bux the title of Patel, besides awarding him with two shops opposite to the Sawai Man Singh Hall.

The descendants of Kadar Bux have kept the unique tradition of quilt making alive today. They run small shops in the pink city to carry on the rich tradition.

Quilt-making Process

Jaipuri Quilts are made through the traditional textile-making skills; these include cotton carding (preparing cotton to be used as fill), cotton voile-making (cotton voile is a lightweight fabric with an ultra-smooth surface) and quilting (stitching the sides of a quilt together).

The carding (dhunai) of the cotton lends extra softness to these quilts. The fact that they are handmade makes Jaipuri quilts extra warm and super light.

These quilts are available in golden prints, traditional jaipuri prints, and block prints, among others.

There are thicker quilts that are used for the winters.


Dohar is a variety of semi soft and light weight  quilts that are ideal for the summers.


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