Mirror Inlay - Shopkhoj Mirror Inlay is mosaic in marble

Mirror Inlay

What is Mirror Inlay?

Pietra dura, an Italian phrase for “hard stone” or “semi-precious stone” is used to make reference to the technique of creating highly illusionistic inlaid pictures from cut-to-shape pieces of colored stones.This is commonly referred to as Mirror Inlay Work.

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The art was at its peak in Florence at the time of the Medici during the late 16th and 17th centuries. The intricate mosaics were used primarily for decorative items such as tabletops and small wall panels.

Present Scenario

The most commonly used hard stones for this technique are quartzes, chalcedonies, agates, porphyries, jaspers and petrified woods. The works often represented through this art technique are floral motifs, plants, natural settings and geometric shapes as well.

Taj Mahal is the finest example of marble inlay work in which craftsmen repeat a huge number of different patterns, often in large quantities.