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Sanganeri Prints

The Sanganeri Prints technique finds its roots in a village called Sanganer near Jaipur, Rajasthan. Featuring delicate floral patterns and vibrant designs with earthy appeal, this 500-year-old art is distinct.

Available at Jaipur:- Riddhi Siddhi Textiles(Jaipur)Saurashtra Impex(Jaipur), Bapu Bazar, Johari Bazar

Available at Delhi:- Rajasthali

Sanganeri Prints – Origin and History

This craft goes back to the 16th and 17th century.

This craft spread far and wide in Sanganer by the end of the 18th century under royal patronage. Furthermore, Sanganeri prints gained importance as one of the major export items for the East India Company. Ever since then, the entire Chhipa community of Sanganer is actively occupied with this hand-block printing technique.

Bagru, Jodhpur, Akola, and Barmer are some other villages in Rajasthan that are currently known for their Sanganeri prints.

Varieties of Designs

These printed fabrics  are available in different kinds of flower motifs such as rose, sunflower and narcissus. You can also find designs depicting a number of folk scenes, various gods and fruits as well. As a general practice, these prints are carried out richly on the white background adorning fabrics like silk, cotton, crepes, georgette, chanderi and chiffon.
There was a time when Sanganeri prints could be found only on sarees or kurtas. However, they now cover skirts, tops, salwar suits, dupattas, bed sheets, and even quilts.


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