Imitation Jewellery in Chennai

Top Imitation Jewellery Shops in Chennai

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The sheer variety of imitation jewellery  & fashion jewellery in Chennai is quite unbelievable. Lets us examine the popularity of Imitation/Fashion Jewellery.As a matter of fact, girls  & young women are shying away from from buying gold jewellery. Further, they prefer  wearing artificial jewellery these days.  Let us examine the pros & cons of real jewellery vs imitation jeweller

a) Fashion Jewellery  has a great variety.You can have more  colourful choices of  fashion jewellery to be  paired with modern  clothes.

b) It is cheaper than real jewellery. Imitation jewellery is very affordable.

c) It is easier & safer to travel with imitation Jewellery.

d) You do not need to insure fashion jewellery brings you the best shops for Imitation Jewellery in Chennai.

1. Chamiers- Imitation Jewellery  


Chamiers gift shop is in RA Puram Chennai. The gift shop stocks beautiful jewellery, home decor and dining accessories. Long danglers in Kundan, pearl and Kundan necklaces and silver jewellery with semi precious stones are aesthetically displayed in the shop. Jewellery is light weight and very fashionable.

Chamiers, is in fact a small & tidy shopping cum restaurant complex.  In addition to Chamiers cafe, there is Anokhi  &  Amethyst showroom, that stocks fashionable jewellery & clothes. Anokhi ,is a popular showroom for cotton dresses.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst stocks jewellery from Amrapali, Jaipur and silver jewellery from other designers. They stock heavy and chunky jewellery pieces.

Imitation Jewellery in Chennai

3. Fashion Jewellery in Chennai: Jugal Kishore

Artificial Jewellery

Jugal Kishore shop is in the ground floor in Alwarpet. They have an immense collection of artificial jewellery. Strings in pearl, rubies, jade, garnet and multi coloured beads look elegant. They stock pendant sets with meenakari work, silver jewellery and artificial gold jewellery. This is one of the best shops for imitation jewellery in Chennai.

4. Imitation Jewellery in Chennai: Kushal’s fashion Jewelry


Kushals stocks a lot of traditional South Indian designs such as the long chains, the waist band, amulet and hair decor pieces.  Furrther, the necklaces look real although they are made with artificial stones. Maang tikka, the traditional jumki and ear chain are some of the best selling items in the store.

5. Fashion Jewellery in Chennai: Utharikha

Utharikha has a chunky silver jewellery, pearl sets  and kundan jewellery sets. They stock a few pieces of traditional south Indian jewellery as well. For instance, they have jewellery fit for a bride.

Imitation Jewellery in Chennai

6. Imitation Jewellery in Chennai: Claires

Claires has non traditional jewellery that is suitable for teenagers and youngsters. Danglers, bracelets and chains mostly. They also stock clutches, hair accessories, makeup and toys and home decor pieces. In addition, they stock hand bags and hair pins as well.

7. Fashion Jewellery in Chennai: Ayesha

Imitation Jewellery in Chennai

Ayesha has costume jewellery with international designs that are very reasonably priced. They stock beautiful bracelets and necklaces that are ideal for young girls.  For instance, Charm bracelets, gold toned necklaces and silver toned necklaces are delicate and light to wear. In addition to jewellery they stock, caps, clips and sunglasses for young kids.

In addition to the shops mentioned above, the following shopping Markets & areas have a lot to offer in terms of Fashion Jewellery.

Mint Street in Sowcarpet has artificial jewellery shops by the dozens .One can shop for bridal jewellery in gold colour (made of brass) . In addition, they also stock look alike diamond jewellery made of zircon or other cheaper stones. Although Mint Street is very crowded,there are several shops for imitation Jewellery & the rates are very affordable -You can buy a bridal necklace for as little as Rs 1500/piece.

Mylapore & Luz shopping markets are yet another great shopping markets for imitation jewellery. The jewellery would be similar to that which is available in Mint street. The connecting road between Mylapore & Luz ,in the RK(Ramakrishna Mutt Road) there are several street shopsfor imitation jewellery. Take a look .They have some traditional jewellery pieces such as the armlet & Kamarbandh (udyanam) also

It must however be mentioned here  that some of the jewellery in Mint street & Mylapore may not be very sophisticated or durable . You must exercise caution while buying these items.

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    I really love your collection of imitation Jewellery. You can look more on Ozanoo.

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