What is Jhoomar or Jhumar ?

It is a very attractive hair adornment which is popular in North India. In addition, the jhoomar is also called the  Passa. Pass in urdu means one side. In other words, it has its origins in the Mughal culture.

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The Jhoomar is shaped like a small fan, is a hair ornament that is typically worn on the left  side of the head. Further, the crescent is very central to Islamic traditions & culture. The jhoomar has a crescent shape drop design.  Moreover, Muslim women sported the Jhoomar. It soon became popular among Kashmiri & Punjabi brides in India with the arrival of the Mughals in India . However, today it is sported by brides, bridesmaids & guests at any wedding .  The maang tikka & the jhoomar are worn together.  When you shop for one, you can probably get the maang tikka ,earrings & the jhoomer in similar designs. It is made of gold  extensively or  silver with precious stones and pearls. However, an imitation version is also available. This is made of silver dipped in gold with imitation stones and pearl drops. They look very authentic. It is available in several online sites.

Bollywood & Jhoomer

This piece of jewellery has come into fashion after the Bollywood heroines were sported adorning the Jhoomar in period films.  As a mattaer of fact , it was yesteryears actress  actress Meena kumari  who first sported this piece in the film Pakheezah. Further, it was followed by  Aishwarya Rai & Rekha in the film Umrao Jaan.

Young brides who wish to dress up in traditional Indian clothes with a lehenga choli opt for the Jhoomar and the mang tikka. They are both hair adornments and complement each other.

Jhumer ,which is a Urdu word means chandelier in English. Jhumer is also a dance form in North India .


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