Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery

What is Temple Jewellery?

South Indian Temple jewellery is of two kinds. One is made in pure gold and the other one is made with a mixture of five  metals, known as Panchaloha  or pachadhatu. As a matter of fact, the alloy, is a mixture of gold, silver, copper, zinc & iron. Tin or lead could replace zinc too. The idols in the South Indian temples are also made of this alloy. The alloy is mixed as per rules set out in the Shilpa Shastra or the sacred texts. The Shilpa Shastra ( science of  arts & architecture)is a manual describing the principles, composition & proportions of temple  architectures and the deities.

Incidentally, all classical dancers adorn Temple Jewellery that is made of the alloy mixture.

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For instance, real & precious  Temple jewellery  is made with solid gold pieces  and looks heavy and grand. The pendants are typically large and have the deities of gods and goddesses such as Goddess Laxmi, Shiva, Parvathy, Radha and Krishna, or Ganesha the elephant god. They can be a long necklace or a short choker.

South Indian Temple Jewellery -Panchaloha

This kind of  jewellery  has rubies, kemp stones and pearls. The appearance is mostly in red colour.  Further, the jewellery used in Bharatnatyam dance and Kuchipudi dance is also commonly known as Temple jewellery.

Goldsmiths and craftsmen were employed by the royal courts to create the temple Jewellery for Royalty. The Cheras, Cholas and the Pandya Queens are said to have coveted and glamorised this form of jewellery.

 Items of Temple Jewellery

For instance, the head adornment, also known as Maang Tikka also forms a part. The maang tikka comes in a set of two. For example ,one covers the forehead and the centre parting, while the other one has the image of the sun & the moon on either side of the parting. In addition, the ornaments for the hair, and the plait are all available.

The rakudi, is another piece of hair adornment.Further, the rakodi is worn on the back of the hair and the braid accessory is known as jadai alangaram.

The jumki and mattal (jumka and the chains from the earring) belongs to this type of   jewellery.

Mangai Malai (mango shaped necklace) is the chunky necklace that is worn with rubies and pearls.

Vangi is an armlet.

Udyanam is hip chin or a belt that is worn to adorn the waist.

Finally, thick bangles  or Kada and bracelets complete the set.



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