A petticoat is an essential piece of inner garment that is usually paired with a dress. In India a 6 yards sari always requires a petticoat to be worn.

Best Places to buy in Delhi:- Lajpat Nagar Market

in Chennai:- Mylapore. 

Kolkata:- Gariahat, New Market

What is a sari petticoat ?

It is long skirt worn under the sari. Typically, it is fastened at the waist and flares downwards. It can be bought ready-made or stitched. The most important thing to remember when buying a one for a sari, is that it has to match the colour of the sari seamlessly.

Matching sari petticoat

This is especially true when the saree is of georgette, chiffon or similar kind of fabrics that are transparent.

If the saree is a silk saree or a satin saree, the fabric is not transparent to reveal the colour of the petticoat. However, women would prefer to wear the same colour regardless of the saree fabric.


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