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Pitta Work

What is Pitta Work

Pitta work or Pita work is popularly known as ‘Dabke ka kaam’ in Hindi. It is a flattened embroidery .

Embroidery and zardozdi work are very popular in India. Bridal Lehengas, salwar suits and sarees, typically use zardozi and Swarovski crystal work on them. Pitta is a small variation. In pitta work the sequins and embroidery threads are flat and not raised.

Available at Delhi:-Frontier Raas, UM Moolchand 

Available at Chennai:-Kay, Mokhsha

How is Pitta work done

Firstly, the designs are sketched on the fabric and the embroidery is done with sequins and gold threads on the design.

The gold threads are then hammered or pressed down to give an even finish to the whole work. A small hammer is typically used to flatten the embroidery. This gives a very different finish to the design.

It is a popular embroidery design on saris, suits and designer lehengas. It uses intricate hand embroidery stitches that are almost flat at the surface.

There are several shops Delhi that have pitta embroidered dresses and sarees.