Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kamez

What is Salwar Kamez

With its origins in Punjab and Pakistan, the Salwar kamez or the salwar suit is an Indian ethnic garment popular with women all over the country. Indeed, it is a very comfortable outfit. Women love to pair this outfit with a nicely adorned dupatta (a scarf-like clothing).This garment is a very popular in Delhi.

Shops Available at Chennai:-Kay, Moksha , Rangoli, BIBA, Creciva

Available at Bangalore:-Anokhi, Fab India, Yuvathi , Tamana , Kuberan Silks, Samayak, Ethnicity, Soch, Prasidhi Silks, Karishma Silks, Deepam Silks

Shops Available at Delhi:-Salwar Kameez Lane, Vishnu stores , BIBA, Sutasta , Meena Bazaar, Kalpana, Chabbrra , Nargis, L’affaire, Ushnak Mal Madan Lal Pride,

Anantam, Zuri, Ritu Kumar, Pantaloons

Available at Jaipur:-Suvasa, Suruchi, Pratapsons,  Zari, Kilol, Vasansi

Shops in Kolkata :- Palki , Weaver studio, Sasha 

Shops in  Pondicherry :- Aboran

Shops in Mumbai :- Seasons, Aishwarya design Studio

Salwar is the bottom wear while the kamez is the top shirt. The churidar kameez, for instance, is a variation . The churidar, on the other hand, is the bottom wear.

While the salwar is a loose fitting garment that is narrow at the ankles, the churidar is tightly fitted bottom wear similar to tights.

Moreover, the length of the shirt or the Kamez depends on the prevailing fashions. It is ankle length sometime or knee length at times.

Last but not the least, a simple salwar kamez is an affordable piece of garment. It is available in several department stores such as Lifestyle, Pantaloons and Westside.

Moreover, designer salwar suits are easily available at high end and upmarket shops all over the country.

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