Venkatagiri Sarees

Venkatagiri sarees are cotton sarees. These sarees are handloom sarees. They are produced in the district of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. This district was ruled by the Venkat Giri Rajas and these sarees were patronized by them. The Venkatagiri sarees are also known for their superfine cotton quality. The cotton used for these sarees is of 100s and 120s counts. Motifs in gold thread are made all over the sarees.

They are available at :-

Available at Delhi:- Lepakshi 

Shop  in Bangalore:- Rangoli

Available at Chennai:- Rangachari Cloth Store

Venketagiri Sarees-Andhra

Andhra Pradesh has some fine cotton growing and cotton weaving villages. Mangalgiri cotton, Venkatgiri cotton, Gadwal sarees and Pochampally sarees are all manufactured in Andhra Pradesh.

Venkatagiri sarees- Characteristics

are light cotton with a thin zari border. They are very simple sarees worn by women at home and at the workplace. However, today the cotton is combined with a bit of other textures to make it more a fashionable kind of material.

Venkatagiri sarees and salwar suits are all available in the market today.

The designs have become more trendy.


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