Kota Sarees - Shopkhoj Kota Doria sarees from Jaipur

Kota Sarees

What is Kota

Kota is a soft fine cotton fabric with a gauze like texture. Kota is characterised by translucent small checks in the fabric.

Available at Delhi:-Rajasthali

Available at Chennai:-Signora Sarees, Man Mandir

 Available at Jaipur:-Ranas, Rattan Deep

Where is it manufcatured

Kota is manufactured in Kota in Rajasthan and in some places in UP. Doria means thread in Hindi. Kota Doria means threads from Kota.

Sarees, salwar kameez and dupattas are very popular during the summer months. They are light weight and ideal for hot and humid conditions.

The special weaving style of Kota fabrics makes it very light and sturdy. It is believed that onion juice and rice paste are spread on the cotton yarn to make it strong. The light texture not with standing the fabric is quite sturdy.

Kota sarees are made in beautiful pastel colours with contrast borders. There is Kota sarees with zari and Kota sarees with embroidery that are trending these days. Skirts and kurtas with Kota fabrics are popular.

Home furnishing items such as curtains are also made with Kota fabrics.