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What is chikankari Embroidery

It is an embroidery with white thread done on a white cotton fabric. Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is most famous for chikankari  embroidery.

What is the special characteristic of chikankari embroidery

The design is drawn on a  cotton fabric and block printing is done on top  of it. Embroidery with a white thread is then done on the design. The interesting part is that the final effect of chikankari depends on the thickness of the thread used for embroidery . The stitches are done on the back of the design. Hence there is a shadowy effect that appears on the front. In addition, the mesh like embroidery gives the fabric the desired look & feel and elegance .

Predominantly ,chikankari work was done on white fabrics or on pastel coloured fabrics. They were done only on cotton fabrics.

However, trends have changed . chikankari is now being done on georgette and silk as well. Coloured threads are used in addition to white threads for embroidery.

chikankari sarees, dupattas and kurtis are very popular in summer.

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Chikankari Fabrics
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