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What is Kalamkari Fabric

Kalamkari is a technique of printing on textiles.

It  literally means drawing with a pen.

It is an ancient  method of block printing done on soft cotton fabrics  .It was originally done in Andhra Pradesh. Dark vegetable dyes are used in the kalamkari work.

Origin of Kalamkari

In ancient India, storytellers went form one village to the other to entertain  people with the stories of epics. They used  colourful drawings to illustrate  the stories. Kalamkari painting was used to enhance the story telling .

Freehand drawing and vegetable dyes were used in the colourful drawings. Bold colourful block painting signify Kalamkari work.

Tales from Ramaya, Mahabarata and other Puranas are painted in the  Kalamkari method . The can be used as wall hanging.

Fabrics , sarees, salwar kameez,  dupattas and furnishings  are created with beautiful Kalamkari work.

Figures, flora & fauna are used as subjects in this method.

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